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Our goal is to showcase a product or a place in a natural, yet creative way that will inspire our audience.

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Our followers are people mainly our age (25-34 years old) from United States and Europe. Mostly women and couples who love to travel and spend time in nature. What they appreciate about us is our honesty, authenticity and the mix of destinations (not only the popular ones but also the ones that are less discovered) and travel styles.

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lost studio Lostitalianos współpracuj z nami
Lostitalianos współpracuj z nami Discover Madeira lost studio lostitalianos
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Germany lost studio lostitalianos
bond touch lost studio lostitalianos współpracuj z nami
współpracuj z nami lostitalianos
współpracuj z nami Lostitalianos
BMW lost studio lostitalianos współpracuj z nami
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who we worked with

Prepare an instagram post with accompanying set of instastories talking about our adventure.
Prepare a blogpost about our experience.
Prepare a cinematic video.
Create content specifically for you to use across your website and socials.

…or a mix of the above in any configuration!

Hi! We are Diana and Marcin – a polish married couple with a colombian twist. Travellers, adventurers and photographers in love with roadtrips, golden light and their cat. We create travel content in more and less popular destinations and write travel blogs about our experiences in hope to inspire and help others – lostitalianos travel blog.

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